Nicolas Lantoine

Hi there, I’m Nicolas a web and graphic designer* from France.
This is my plan to take over the world personal portfolio.

*this means I move pixels in an efficient and creative way.

What I do

Hey, thanks for visiting my website, my name is Nicolas Lantoine, I love to mix up my creativity, personality and design skills to achieve meaningful and effective designs.

Whether it is for editorial or digital purpose, when it comes to my quality of work, it has to be pixel perfect. I can’t help it. Crafting the most relevant design is a challenge I enjoy taking up everytime. When I sketch a logo, create a complete brand identity, or code a webdesign, my job remains unfinished until there is something left to improve and I never pass up an opportunity to learn something new.
When I’m not moving pixels around the screen you may find me running on a badminton court striving to stay in good shape but if you don’t it’s maybe because I’m out spending good time with friends eating japanese food. Sci-fi movies and series captivate me and you’ll probably find me in Hill Valley waiting for Doc and Marty to arrive in 2015.

I definitely can’t live without music. It brings me joy and inspiration in my everyday work and life.
What is great about designing and listening to music is that you can do both at the same time!
Why not give it a try while browsing my skills and work below?



  • Digital and editorial design ready
  • A thoughtful use of colors, shapes, fonts and composition rules
  • Drawing and painting techniques such as ballpen, watercolor or acrylic


  • Adobe Creative Cloud ( Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Edge Animate )
  • Basic knowledge of HTML5 – CSS3 with SASS + Compass
  • A pinch of JS/jQuery


  • Ergonomy, UI/UX and responsive design concepts awareness
  • Managing with briefs and brand guidelines
  • Propellerhead’s Reason music sofware
  • Au fait, je parle aussi Français.


Feel free to have a look at some of my selected work.

Lemon app icon design

A simple fresh lemon icon app design with a realistic look.



  • Location: Paris - France

W2P-Group is a company specialized in digital transition. The fresh and clean look of this identity represents the professionalism of this company.

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W2P – digital pen

« Le stylo numérique » is a onepage website designed to promote one of the W2P-Group service.

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Transports Galodé Pascal

  • Location: La Gravelle - France
  • :

TGP is a small transport company that needed a new visual identity and a presence on the web to showcase their work and services.

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Ballpen illustrations

This a collection of personnal ballpen illustrations

Graphically exposed

Graphically exposed

Personnal illustration, playin with a Cinema4D base typography, layer masks and layer effects.

For two years I have sharpened my skills
as a creative freelancer.

I have worked on different kinds of projects such as brand identity creation, editorial design and website development.
Always focused on the needs of my clients I like to take part in every stage of a project from concepts to completion.

You think we can do some good work together, want to know more about me or just want to get in touch, feel free to drop me a line!