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Welcome, I'm Nicolas
I'm a Visual Designer

Web - Digital - Print

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5 years of experience

A 5-year Agency and Client-side experience

Web, Digital and Print

Comfortable with Web Digital and Print design

A will to improve

Commitment to continually raise my game level

Ego-free attitude

Ego-free attitude and Team player

Core abilities

  • "3200%-zoomed" pixel perfect design
  • Knowledge of UX/UI best practices
  • Understanding of responsive design and performance optimisation
  • Working with open-canvas and Brand guidelines
  • Fast-paced environment ready
  • Creative flair for layout, composition, typography
  • An opened-eye on design trends

Softwares and Languages

  • Adobe CC : Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
  • Animation : Edge animate, Celtra AdCreator
  • HTML5, CSS3/SASS and familiar with Javascript/jQuery
  • Zurb Foundation framework
  • Powerpoint
  • Mailchimp


About me

me, myself and I

location : London
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Among the things I enjoy the most when I’m not moving pixels around the screen, there is electronic music and I just can’t spend a day without listening to it.
I’ve got a little weakness for burgers and well... I confess : food in general. Raquet sports and the Insanity Program help me stay in good shape.
Science and technology enthusiast (one would say a geek), I’m always mesmerized by scientists and engineers crazy inventions.

Candles at Le Mont Saint-Michel

I like to bring along my camera when I travel, I believe there are also plenty of things to capture just around the corner.
Check out my photos on Flickr, you can even use them for free if you want!

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