Leasa by Nanceo

Mobile app Design

Product description

Leasa by Nanceo is an app aimed at professional willing to accelerate the funding of their hardware and software sales. The app scans through the banks and financing companies of the market in order to obtain the fastest financing agreement possible.
The app is paired with an operational platform that will process the funding requests, pay suppliers and setup the leasing contracts.
The app usage is limited to France and is only available in that country at the moment.

Project context / Requirements

Leasa was first developped as a desktop web platform. Nanceo wanted its existing Leasa Users to be able to access desktop functionalities on the go, although not all the functionalities would be available. Empowering Users with a nomad access to the key functionalities of the web platform was a crucial point for the company’s business expension as well as a pioneering move in the Fintech field in France.

My role in this project was to design the mobile application that would be both developped on Android and iOS. To help me start, I had reference screens from the existing desktop application that would serve as visual guidelines for the graphic style of the mobile app. Draft mobile screens were also put together by the Leasa team covering basic flows offering a starting point for ideas and information architecture.

Leasa Lo-fi example wireframes
Ionic framework logo

The app was meant to be developped using the Ionic2 mobile framework, which would give the app a native look and feel accross all OSs. Therefore the Ionic2 documentation was a great help in selecting component to use, screen transitions and general understanding of the behaviour of the app.

Leasa application - key features and results aimed

App key features:

  • Step by step process for a Funding Request creation.
  • Consulting and Monitoring Request Status.
  • Search specific Requests using filters
  • Messaging interface
  • Login screens
  • Homepage and Filtering option
  • Funding Request details page
  • App settings page

Results aimed:

  • Increasing Sales workforce productivity.
  • Facilitating access and monitoring of requests status on the go.
  • Smoothing processes by reducing the amount of direct calls and emails exchanged.

the design


Hi-Fi Mockups created: 35
Icons created: 34
App Icon and iOS / Android Store assets

Tools used

Visuals and Screens: Photoshop
Icons: Illustrator

Total time spent

Hours: 42

Leasa Store Icon
The application is available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.